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Additional Legal Services

Civil Litigation 

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death 

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and medical malpractice cases often include the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent person that caused the accident or injury resulting in the decedent’s death.  A personal representative is a person authorized to file a lawsuit in a wrongful death case.  Sometimes a personal representative, for one reason or another, fails to include the correct beneficiaries. Other times, a dispute may exist as to who will serve as the personal representative and thus who will control the decisions and the money from any award of the wrongful death lawsuit.  

We can assist you in filing a wrongful death action or in protecting your rights and interests in an existing wrongful death action. 


Elder Abuse 

  • Actions Involving Breach of Contract 

  • Breach of Nursing Home Contracts 

Elder Law 

  • Medicaid Planning 

  • Special Needs Trusts 

  • Veterans Benefits 

  • Planning for Retirement Benefits [IRA, 401(k), Pension, etc.] 

  • Long-term Care Contracts 

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Business Planning 

  • Planning to Minimize Liability Exposure 

  • Planning to Protect Wealth 

  • Planning to Minimize Income Taxes 

  • Planning to Minimize Estate Taxes 

  • Business Succession Planning 


Tax Planning 

  • Income Tax Planning 

  • Estate Tax Planning 

  • Charitable Giving 

  • Tax Exempt (Nonprofit) Organizations 

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